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Bruce Dawes Essay Bruce Dawes poems, written in the 1900’s, are very influential pieces, even to this day because the themes and ideas he wrote about have maintained relevancy to a contemporary audience. Dawes poems are largely cynical, he discusses problems that he sees in society. Three concepts which are discussed frequently throughout Dawes’ poetry are the meaninglessness of life, our materialistic lifestyles and the constrictive nature of society. These themes can all be adapted to modern situations and applied to modern people and society. Three of his poems ‘ enter without so much as knocking’, ‘life-cycle’, ‘homecoming’ and ‘’weapons training’ all strongly convey at least one of the above themes in quite similar way. Dawes’ portrays…show more content…
War is discussed in the poems weapons training, where a monologue is written from the perspective of an army official training troops and homecoming, where dead troops are being bought home from the war in Vietnam. Weapons training illustrates the harsh brutality of the army, the voice is aggressive and insulting, representing the nature of war. The voice uses insults, ‘are you a queer?’, ‘unsightly fat between your elephant ears’, ‘that drain you call a mind’ to dehumanize the troops, then he continues to preach that in war you either kill, or get killed . In homecoming Dawes is showing what happens to sodiers after they die at war, there is no glory or recognition, they are ‘zipped up’ and put into ‘mortuary coolness’ treated without warmth or care. This coolness forces the audience to feel sympathy towards those subject to warfare. This backs up Dawes ideas in weapons training that war makes people less sensitive, demonstrated by the sexist and racist attitudes shown, for example ‘turning the key in the ignition’ which suggests he thought of women as merely ‘devices’ and ‘Charlies are coming at you you cn smell their rotten fish sauce breath hot on the back’ which displays a strong hatred and disgust towards the enemy.which is commercial television at the beg Dawes has written the poem in subtle mocking tone by using over-enthusiastic words such as ‘roaring empyrean’, ‘shrapnelled with rapture’, ‘passion’ and ‘hope of

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