Nettle by Vernon Scannel and Brothers by Andrew Fosters

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'Nettles' by Vernon Scannell and 'Brothers' by Andrew Fosters Nettles Nettles is a poem written by Vernon Scannell, this is about one of his children aged 6 falling into a bed of nettles and goes seeking for comfort from his parents. The speaker of the poem after attending his sons injury's he sets about to destroy the nettles that harmed the child. But only for them to return after a short amount of time. The poem consists of a single stanza and has alternately rhyming lines. the poem is a narrative account, focused of the fathers perspective of an accident involving his son that brings back memories of his past. Vernon Scannell uses the nettles as a way of reflecting his military past. the nettles are personified as an opposing force. Scannell shows his anger towards the nettles by describing the nettles as a 'regiment of spite', this shows the nettles are like an army attacking the speakers son. The word 'regiment' suggests an efficient army but the word 'spite' makes it sound as if the nettles are malicious. Also they are described using the metaphor 'spears', this could suggest pain and suggests weapons as if the weapons they use in an army. Within the first three lines of the poem the nettles are presented as violent and aggressive group of soldiers to reflect the fathers need to protect his chid. When the speaker, father, is taking his anger out on the nettles, Scannell describes them as a 'fierce parade' as if they were soldiers standing to attention. within 'two weeks', 'tall recruits' have been 'called up', to replace the nettles there is a reference made about the soldiers in the military. The phrase 'tall recruits' shows the nettles are growing and becoming more stronger. The military image that this gives off is; young soldiers going to fight, not those who are older as you are younger you have more energy and stamina. In the poem the child is
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