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Broadcast Journalism Broadcast journalism is news which can be broadcast by electrical means. The news or stories can be broadcast over the air waves or through the television. These methods of delivery are faster and more efficient. According to, the broadcasting industry is a talent based industry. One has to be able to attract an audience no matter what it takes.(Wetfeet).When researching a job or career in broadcast journalism one should consider the following: The overview of the field, education requirements, working conditions, the salary,benefits,advancement,and the pros and cons. According to WAFF news reporter Kim Essex, when entering this field one will do some of the following things: Anchor the newscast, report, write, copy, and make public appearances. (Essex). To do these things you must be skilled in reading, communication, multi-tasking, writing, and good at handling stressful situations. If one were to work in front of the camera one should be properly groomed, and well suited. The next thing that should be taken into consideration is the education needed for this field. Journalists or reporters of any type are now usually required to have some form of educational qualification in journalism. A great deal of experience can be gained from journalism courses. Further experience will come from working on local newspapers or small radio stations. It is at these small establishments that the broadcast journalist will learn his or her trade. In high school it’s best to take computer classes, speech classes, and any other classes that could increase writing, computer, and oratory skills. When continuing to pursue this career after high school, it’s best to attend college, which increases chances at getting a job in this field. It’s best to attend a four-year college to obtain a degree in this field. Earning a degree in this area of
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