Brand Personality Essay

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Brand personality is defined as, the set of human characteristics associated with the brand. In contrast to product related attributes, which tend to serve a utilitarian function for consumers, brand personality tends to serve a symbolic or self y personality indicates emotional associations of the brand. Personality of a brand is long-lasting. Brand personality indicates the kind of relationship a customer has with the brand. Brand personality not only includes the personality features or characteristics, but also the demographic features like age, gender, or class and psychographic features. Brand personality, like human personality, is both distinctive and enduring, both built over a period of time. It refers to the outcome of all the consumer’s experiences with the brand. In other terms, the brand’s personality is the weighted average of previous impressions. In the consumer’s mind, these impressions merge to form an overall concept of what to expect from the brand. In essence, personality traits are what the brand will live and die for. For example, personal traits of Axe, are seduction, masculinity, and unconventional. According to Rook, (1985), consumers tend to imbue brands with human personality traits and easily think as if they are celebrities or famous historical figures. The personality traits associated with a brand, such as those associated with an individual, tend to be relatively enduring and distinct. For example, the personality traits associated with Coca-cola are, cool; all-American; real. These traits are relatively enduring and differentiate Coke from its competitors. Pepsi is also being viewed as, young; exciting and hip. Apple’s imaginary user is a highly innovative person and Mercedes is regarded as a higher class comparing to BMW (Bosnjak et al., 2007). In this case, the perceptions of G.Z.U. brand personality traits can be formed

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