Porsche the Cayenne Launch

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PORSCHE: THE CAYENNE LAUNCH Strategic Brand Management Instructor: Doc. Dr. Dimitar Kovacevski Semester: March 2013 Location: UACS Due date: 08.04.2013 Aleksandar Klincharov alexandar19@gmail.com Porsche: The Cayenne launch | Aleksandar Klincharov Introduction After I’ve read the case study about Porsche: The Cayenne Launch, I’ve realized that the story in it is related to brand extensions. What are the most important factors for a brand extension, in order to be highly accepted by the customers? Furthermore, how a brand extension is perceived and how it fits in the minds of the customers, designed to satisfy their special needs? And thirdly, how all of that correlates with the branding concept of a company. This case was a classic example how all the way from the introduction stage to a more mature stage in the product life cycle, the customer behavior was affected. The challenge is to try to elaborate customer perceptions as a powerful mechanism in future brand extension launching. Introducing brand extension for a company means that company want to target a new customer segment or markets. Using previous knowledge about a parenting brand in order to embrace acceptance of the new product by customers, to enhance the image of that brand and maybe to reposition its operations. What customers think about a certain brand, they associate it with attitudes based on prior knowledge or experience. For example, quality, style, confidence and expectations from the new brand to add even more fresh value. Nevertheless, behind the strategy of introducing new products through brand extensions, there are some hidden incentives too. These can hurt your brand. Because with the launch of the Cayenne, in the SUV category, the customers will attach the previous Porsche standards and expectations. It can disappoint some customers if the brand fails to perform as

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