Bp Oil Spill

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BP Oil Spill Environmental Disaster- Lessons Bp oil spill was the largest disaster in American history; occurring on April 20, 2010 pumping over 200 million gallons of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico. The oil rig explosion killed 11 people, injuring 17. Moreover, till date the oil continues to be washing up on shores; creating long-term damages to residential areas. In addition, the Bp Oil Spill was responsible for the death of over 8,000 animals, including many endangered species. The immediate effect of the Oil spill impacted the wildlife which included oil-coated birds (Ducks) and sea turtles. “In-situ burning oil” (the burning of oil in a contained area on the surface of the water) was used as a method for the treatment of the oil spill which negatively impacted the environment. Hence, the Bp Oil spill negatively impacted many components of the environment and other factors, making it the largest disaster in American history. The Bp Oil Spill crisis occurred due to the company’s negligence bringing awareness to the disastrous impacts it has cause on different industries. The Bp Oil Spill greatly impacted the environment teaching the companies to strengthen the approach to preparedness and response planning. Planning and strengthening the approach to such accidents allows effective response to the situation though the aid of tools and people. Moreover, an understanding of the environmental and social-economic issues builds on response planning. For instance, more than 600 staff from 45 different countries has conducted workshops to better the understanding of environmental impacts and the enhancement of on-site oil spill responsive teams. Thus, accidents such as the BP Oil Spill teach the society to be more prepared and cautious of the impacts hazardous resources pose on the

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