Book Analysis: The Awakening

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Leah White Professor Wallace September 19, 2013 ENG 190 W Have you ever been awakened, and challenged? Have you ever had to refocus or drawn to a life different from what you have ever experienced or imagined? People are influenced by others and/or events to live life traditionally, religiously, or conformed to what they think is socially accepted way of existing. Awakening is when emotions, self- awareness and subconscious desires begin to arise in our thoughts. People are awakened at different times because of life’s circumstances, experiences, and daily exposures. defines awaken as a revival of interest or attention. In The Awakening by Kate Chopin, Edna, awakened to the thought of self-freedom, does not arrive immediately at a conclusion. Rather, she finds herself inspired to act upon this thought in order to arrive at an outcome that she can only achieve. Edna associates freedom with her art and sexual desires, which does not result in achieving the ultimate outcome of her freedom. Ultimately, death frees her from everything. Kate Chopin book I felt was a hard book to read. In her efforts to give…show more content…
While in the story her sexual desires were awakened, she also felt happy and alive while in his presence. He didn’t require that she fulfill a traditional female role to be fulfilled. He brought out her suppressed feelings and gave her an opportunity to awaken herself emotionally, personally, and sexually. When he decides to leave and venture off to Mexico, Edna has a sense of loss. Robert represented confidence and strength in her quest to a new thought of life. He gave her the support to continue to live and be awakened. In attempting to deal with Robert’s departure, and sorting through her feeling towards him, and these emotions represented, she forces forced her interest in art. Edna's interest in art corresponds to her sexual desires of self-
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