Wheatley's Short Story 'Land/Scape'

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English Essay Journeys always change the people involved. Journeys offer viewpoints and new experiences to the people who are involved. New experiences bring changes in life. In the short story “land/scape” by Nadia Wheatley; the characters go through change of perspective and new experiences such Ant’s negative thought about his father turns into positive and produces new improvement in their relationships. Journeys offer new viewpoints about something or someone and provide strong relationship and understanding such as Ant’s viewpoint changed about his father. He had negative thoughts about his father before the trip and was not so close to his father. Emotive language is used at the starting of the short story Land/escape to show this…show more content…
Therefore, it brings changes in characters or thought such as in attitude, behaviour, and understanding. In the above related paragraph, has shown Ant’s relationship and perception about his father before involved in the journey. And after journey, his relationship and point views has changed about his father. But here journey offer new experiences such Tony also learnt new things during journey. But before journey he hadn’t known how to react or treat his son. This is the evident through metaphor ‘I’m not made of money, you know’ shows how he treats him. As a result, Ant loses his courage, guts to handle with situation. He didn’t let him to recover his mistake. He loses his confidence to talk closely with his father. But At the end of the story, the title, ‘the fine art of conversation’ shows how Tony has changed. And use of body language by ‘silence’ defines that how his father has emotionally touched his son. It shows that Tony is trying to keep silent himself to let Ant talk confidently. As a result, Ant expressed his feeling with no trouble. This journey offered new things to Tony and
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