Bollywood And Songs

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Bollywood movies are fun filled with action, drama, music, dances and shooting in fancy locales. What sets Bollywood movies apart from other movies is it special touch in music and dance. Every Bollywood movie made will have at least three to four song and dance sequences be it a dream sequence in a flashback or during the most inappropriate time. Audiences who are avid Bollywood movie fans think that Bollywood movies would be not much fun to watch if there were no dance and music sequences, or in other words a Bollywood movie is incomplete with a music and dance. These song and dance sequences not only serve as means of entertainment but are also used to give out a message which either relates to the theme of the movie or a particular scene in which it is shot. As Tejaswinti Ganti mentions in her book, ‘Bollywood: a guidebook to popular Hindi cinema,’ she mentions, “To those unfamiliar with popular Hindi cinema, song sequences seem to be ruptures in continuity and verisimilitude. However, rather than being an extraneous feature, music and song in popular cinema define and propel plot development.” [1] Every song raises different themes and expresses emotions such as love, anger, sadness or excitement. Therefore, the highlight of this paper is to show the importance of songs and dances in Indian cinemas. Any possible emotion which can be expressed by a man can be identified in Indian music. For example, the song, “Chale Chalo” from Lagaan expresses the anger of the villagers in the movie towards the British rulers and they have made up their minds to defeat the British in their own field of expertise, cricket, and also gives out the message that, “United we stand, divided we fall” or “impossible is nothing.” [1] Tejaswinti Ganti, Bollywood: a guidebook to popular Hindi cinema (London: Routledge, 2004) p.80 Another song from DDLJ, “Mere khwabon mein jo aaye,”
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