Bless Me Ultima And Rdquo Analysis

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“…for us, Ultima personified goodness and any risk in defense of goodness was right”- (Antonio on Ultima: Pg 243) “Bless Me, Ultima” By Rudolfo Anaya, introduces a character named Ultima who is a Curandera or spiritual healer. A Curandera is basically a wise person with a special spiritual connection with mother earth. They are often respected members of the community, being highly religious and spiritual. Curanderas use herbs & other natural remedies to cure physical and mental illnesses, but their primary method of healing is the supernatural (religious rituals and prayers). They are very dedicated to what they do, and are always willing to help. Although they are respected members of a community, they are sometimes feared and hated. Many people believed that they were witches, or brujas, because of the way they cured their patients. That was Ultima’s problem. She helped wives give birth, traveled far for the sick and needy, and fought with evil spirits within people. However many sacrifices she has made; Ultima’s power was often misunderstood by the community, and people continued to call her bruja and evil. She used…show more content…
” –(Antonio on Ultima) “ ‘Cease!,’ she cried… ‘I pulled this baby into the light of life…Only I will know his destiny.’ ” “ ‘People are ungrateful,’ she said, ‘they seek her help & after la Grande risked her life to help them then they brand her a witch. Nonsense! We have no use for that kind of people!’ ” (Quote is spoken by Antonio’s Mother: Pg 224) “ ‘ Then maybe I do not have to be a just a Marez, or a Luna, perhaps I can be both.’ ” (Quote Spoken By Antonio: Pg
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