Black Holes Essay

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Black holes and quasars are all over space. They are some of the most interesting things in all of space. Black holes are a region of space that has a high level of compression. The region may have been created by a collapse of a old star. Quasars are a group of galaxies that are near the closest and brightest object that ranges from 2000 million LY to 10,000 million LY from earth. Black holes and quasars are formed out of different things in space. Black holes are formed from when stars or other objects collapse or explode from their own gravity source. Nobody is really sure how quasars are formed but some believe in theories regarding their creation. Black Holes and Quasars are both detected by x-rays. The effects can also see black holes that they have on gas and dust. Quasars can be detected from the edge of the universe. They shine with the brightness of trillions of suns. In 1967 a physicist named John Wheeler first used the term “Black Hole”. He is the one who named them black holes. Quasars were named by a astrophysicist named Hong-Yee Chiu in 1964. Karl Schwarzschild was believed to predict the existence of black holes. Cyril Hazard and John Bolton were the people that predicted the existence of quasars. A black hole is invisible. It has been detected to be a circle with a large amount of suction that can vary in size. Quasars look just like stars that have a black hole on it. Black holes and quasars have some things in common like the fact that a quasar can have a black hole on it. X-rays detect black holes and quasars both. Each has many theories behind them. Albert Einstein proposed a theory called theory of general relativity. Einstein proved that gravity could be bend lights path. This was the first theory for black holes. Quasars have a few theories about them but one theory called "galaxies at an early stage of the evolution" or "Quasar". This

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