Black and Decker Swot Essay

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Black and Decker (B & D) is an American manufacturer founded in 1910 by Duncan Black and Alonzo Decker. It started as a small machine shop in Baltimore; its first invention was the electric drill. They obtained a patent for a hand-held drill combining a pistol and a trigger switch in 1917. Black and Decker’s headquarters is located in Towson, Maryland where its first factory started. B & D was the largest producer of power tools, power tool accessories, electric lawn and garden tools, as well as security hardware. This study shed light on B & Ds struggle in the Professional-Tradesman power tools market by studying its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats as well as the options available to B & D to strengthen its position in the Professional-Tradesman market. The SWOT analysis below was conducted on the Professional-Tradesman power tools market. Strengths: * High power tools brand awareness 98% * Higher service rating then Makita * Higher backing for its product in comparison to Makita * Higher quality tools that was demonstrated by field tests and lab experiments * The market size in the Professional-Tradesman is small in comparison to its other markets, with little to lose in that market * B & D collection of other respectable brands will allow them to strengthen and re-launch under a different name | Weaknesses: * B & D is affiliated with the home do it yourself crowd * B & D brand is not attractive to the Professional-Tradesman crowd * B & D products do not meet the qualifications and durability required by the Professional-Tradesman market | Opportunities: * The Yellow color is not yet used in the Professional-Tradesman market and Cobalt a sub-brand of B & D already owns the yellow trademark * The Professional-Tradesman market is a fast growing market * According to retailers

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