History Of Coca Cola Essay

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History of Coca-Cola Coca-Cola, the most recognized logo in the world. The Coca-Cola Company is the largest beverage company in the world. Starting just as a thought has become an icon and a demand of consumers across the globe. Jacob’s Pharmacy, Atlanta, Georgia, was the birthplace of Coca-Cola. In 1886, Dr John Pemberton took a three-legged brass kettle in his backyard to create the formula for Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola was first said to cure diseases, including headache, impotence and morphine addiction. The world first got the true taste of Coca-Cola in a fountain form at Jacob’s Pharmacy in Atlanta on May 8, 1886. For a simple price of 5 cents per glass and selling an average of nine glasses a day in 1886. A century later, The Coca-Cola Company has produced more than 10 billion gallons of syrup. John Pendleton died just 3 years after the invention of Coca-Cola and unfortunately without realizing the phenomenon he had created. John Pemberton’s partner and bookkeeper created the first Coca-Cola logo in 1887. They thought that the two Cs would look good in advertising, and they began to create the well-known logo for Coca-Cola. The script was developed in the mid 19th century. The red and white colored logo was kept simple and distinctive. The company still uses the well-recognized logo today. The public first saw the logo the Atlanta Journal (William Busse, Jan 2011 History of Coca-Cola trademark). There were eventually three versions of Coca-Cola being produced on the market, and sold by three different companies. Over three years, Atlanta businessman Asa Griggs Candler secured rights to the business for a total of about $2,300. Candler would become the Company's first president, and the first to bring real Coca-Cola vision to the business and the brand. Candler was the one who had the vision we still see today which is growth and

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