Biology EOCT Vocabulary Assignment: Biology

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Biology EOCT Vocabulary Assignment K.I.M. Vocabulary Activity Directions: For the key idea or term found in the first section (K), write key information explaining the idea in the middle section (I), and draw/select a picture that illustrates the term in the last section (M). Chapter 1 – read pages 7-9 in your textbook K Key Idea | I Information | M Memory Clue | Scientific Method | Scientific Method is a natural science since the 1700s. | | Independent Variable | The Independent variable is used in experimentation. Being independent. | | Dependent Variable | The Dependent Variable is dependent upon the Independent Variable. | | Theory | A theory is an idea of…show more content…
| | Cells | Cells are the smallest functional unit organism. Cells have many different functions inside of living things. | | Eukaryotic | An Eukaryotic cell is a cell that has a nucleus and all of the organelles in the inside are protected by a cell membrane. | | Prokaryotic | Prokaryotic cells don't have a nucleus. | | Cell Membrane | The Cell Membrane holds everything inside the cell together and protects it from things that could harm it. | | Nucleus | The Nucleus is the brain of the cell. | | Cytoplasm | Cytoplasm is the fluid inside of a cell. | | Organelles | Organelles are the things inside of a cell. |…show more content…
Depending on if the cell is an animal cell or a plant cell. | | Cytoskeleton | Cytoskeleton has intercellular proteins that help the cell maintain its shape and with helps with movement. | The word skeleton in Cytoskeleton reminds me of the meaning. | K Key Idea | I Information | M Memory Clue | Ribosomes | Ribosomes are protein builders. | The word Ribosomes remind me of Ribs. Then I think of protein which leads me to the definition. | Endoplasmic Reticulum | The Endoplasmic Reticulum is a bunch of membranes inside of a cells. It's function is mainly manufacturing and packing. | | Golgi Apparatus | Golgi Apparatus creates lysosomes which helps with digestion. | | Chloroplasts | Chloroplasts is found only in plant cells. It helps with photosynthesis. | | Mitochondria | Mitochondria gives the energy to the cells. It is also known as the powerhouse. | | Cell Walls | Cell Walls are a outer protective layer for cells. | | Lipid Bi-layer | The Lipid Bi-layer is apart of the cell membrane that acts as a barrier. And only let certain molecules and and others out. |

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