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Amarik Atwal Billy Bishop: True Hero? Billy Bishop is considered a hero because of what he claimed he did in WWI, which was shooting down 72 German aircrafts. A hero is a man with courage and ability. He is admired for his brave deeds and determined qualities. With no proof of what Billy Bishop did, he and many others believe he deserves the recognition that he got. He does not deserve the medals that were given to him because of the very little evidence that exists to support his case. Billy Bishop is not a true hero and should never be considered one because he’s not trust worthy, there’s no proof, and the mission itself wasn’t possible. Humans have no reason to even take Billy seriously because of his history as a human and the wrong deeds he’s done. He simply is not trust worthy, and there is plenty of evidence to prove that he is. He was set back a year for cheating on a final exam at RMC (Greenhous, 62). Not only did he cheat on the final exam, but he was also dumb enough to hand in his cheat notes with the exam (Greenhous, 62)! This put great shame to all his friends and family. Billy could barely cheat properly, yet it’s so easy for people to believe him when he says he shot down 72 enemy airplanes in WWI. The exam he got caught cheated on took place May, 1914. He also seems to think that he has a care free life and didn’t worry about anything as a child (Alex, 1). In school he was known as the clown, and scamp (Alex,1). Although he was somewhat smooth with the ladies and had some friends, his personality was known and continued to be self-absorbed, an attention seeker and was very social. The behavior he gained as a young child have grown into something that made him believe that lying about what he did in the war was right. During war Billy claimed that he injured his knee and wrote about his “strained heard.” The only Medical documents that were

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