John Fitzgerald Kennedy's Mistakes

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John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the 35th president of the United States, is considered by many Americans to be on of the greatest presidents in America’s history. People who were around during his presidency still admire him, but even people who were very young or not even alive during his presidency still hold him in high regard. While he may have made some mistakes in his presidency, people mainly remember him as a young, charismatic leader who bravely handled crises such as the Cuban Missile Crisis and helped advance America’s space program. He was considered a charismatic speaker and a great communicator. He spoke with passion but stated his ideas simply, allowing him to appear very bright but still appealing to the average American. Kennedy was also seen as compassionate when he created the Peace Corps to provide aid to needy countries by enabling Americans to volunteer to help the countries in need. He set high goals for America, believing that they would put a man on the moon by the end of the 1960s as well as advance in other areas such as the fight against poverty and prejudice, and the fight for world peace. Kennedy was also the youngest elected president which helped many Americans identify with him after generations of old men running the government. Although he smoked cigars, he never smoked in public to avoid setting a bad example for children which helped win him more admiration. He also won admiration from the American public by taking full responsibility for his mistakes (such as the Bay of Pigs invasion,) rather than blaming it on his advisors or the previous administration. The fact that he handled the Cuban Missile Crisis…show more content…
While his sudden death may have won him sympathy in many people’s hearts, he was still seen as a great president before his assassination because of his many positive traits and the great things he had accomplished which warrant him to still be though of as one of the America’s greatest presidents, even to this
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