Big Tobacco In The Tobacco Industry

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Introduction Big Tobacco, the leading tobacco companies in the industry strategically exploits the marginalized groups to maximize their bottom line. The marginalized community, which includes society, most socially and economically challenge such as youths, the homeless, the mentally challenged, those with substance-abuse problems, anxiety and depression are at a tremendous disadvantage and the habit of smoking brings significant financial and health burden to these individuals. Research has shown that 25 percent of the United States adult population has some form of mental illness or substance abuse disorder, 65.2 percent of adult smokers also use alcohol and 44.3 percent of all tobacco sold in the United States is consumed by this marginalized…show more content…
Regardless of the income disparity, economic dislocation and social downgrading, the tobacco companies unconscionably continue to exploit this group for decades. The tobacco industry has used unreasonably marketing tactics to lure society’s most vulnerable. Tobacco companies sponsored game shows and cartoons, and cigarette ads featured endorsements from doctors, dentists and celebrities. which results in approximately 70 percent of all homeless individuals hooked on the dangerous habit of smoking; 4 times that of the general U.S. population and 2.5 times that among impoverished Americans, according to the Public Health Law Center. The Homeless who is categorically burdened by some form of mental illness has been blatantly targeted for decades as industry leaders donates cigarettes to homeless shelters and other facilities where this group frequents. Big tobacco has methodically embedded tobacco use and access in these low-income communities by means of promotions and giveaways that deceitfully communicate and amplify positive gains of using the…show more content…
Despite the scientific discovery that nicotine is a dangerous poison, tobacco companies continue exploiting the marginalized as they solidify their claim that smoking is a necessary self-medication tool that relieve stress. The tobacco industry had a long history of innovative advertising, marketing, and public relations that positions the product to become global. In the late 19th century, the industry took tobacco from the cultural periphery and remade it into one of the most popular, successful, and widely used items of the early 20th century. The fundamental precept of the articulated public relations approaches the companies deployed successfully defines and attracts a susceptible consumer culture. Big tobacco inconsiderably develops and market a powerful notion of social manufacturing where powerless individuals is manipulated through advertisements to favor a particular tobacco product, ass seen in the Newport pleasure

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