Chemical Dependence In America

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Caleb Brietzke Dr. Jessup PSYCH2301 22 September 2012 Chemical Dependence Chemical dependence in America is huge problem. Substance abuse is defined as “…repeated use of a substance despite the fact that is causing or compounding social, occupational, psychological, or physical problems” (Rathus 109). Alcohol, tobacco, and illegal drugs are abused on a daily basis in our country. The amount of the drug, regardless of legality, is not as crucial as the disruption of daily life (Rathus 109). Substance abuse usual begins with casual or experimental use in adolescence. Alcohol is the most prevalent drug abused in our society. Almost twenty million Americans can be defined as alcoholics, in comparison to the some 1 million that use…show more content…
This group of drugs includes cocaine, methamphetamine, as well s nicotine. Though amphetamine does have some positive effects, including, a stimulation of cognitive activity and control of impulses, the greater effects are much ore detrimental. Due to is relative simplicity of manufacturing and overwhelming abundance; methamphetamine use is a plague on America. I personally have seen people deteriorate before my eyes due to methamphetamine use. Cocaine is another stimulant that often leads to dependence in users. It is derived from coca leaves, and was once a socially acceptable drug. Coca Cola used cocaine along with caffeine and sugar to produce one of western society’s most popular beverages (Rathus 113). Nicotine is yet another frequently abused stimulant prevalent in our time. Smoking is the primary causal factor for at least 30% of all cancer deaths, for nearly 80% of deaths from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and for early cardiovascular disease and deaths (Adhikari B., PhD, J Kahende, PhD, A Malarcher, PhD, T Pechacek, PhD, V Tong 1). World wide smoking is the number one most preventable cause of death. Nearly 430,000 Americans annually die from smoking-related illnesses. I am a smoker, and understand the effects of chemical dependence. Chemical dependence comes in many forms. From the use of illegal drugs, to the abuse of socially acceptable substances, chemical dependency is a problem that won’t soon be solved. Because of a lack of coping skills, humans, seek other ways to deal with life’s problems. Most of these have detrimental effects on ones health. The best way to counter act chemical dependence is to never become
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