Big Red Apples

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In the chapter of “The Big Red Apples” from the book Impressions of an Indian Childhood , I believe that the author, Zitkala Sa, is trying to show the reader that it is important to listen to the advice of those older than you and those who have passed through life. An example of this would be listening to one’s parents, which is the case in this chapter. If we do not heed other’s warnings we shall reap the consequences of our actions. In the chapter “Big Red Apples”, Zitkala Sa’s mother knew of the reality behind the “missionaries’” promises and saw past the promises of “big red apples” which is the reason she tried to compel her daughter to stay with her. I believe the author is trying to show us by using her life story to explain that we sometimes are blinded by what we think that we really need (but in fact we just want it), that we cannot see beyond our current desire because due to the fact that we think about it in a sugarcoated perspective. This, I believe, is what the author is trying to tell us in that it is better to heed advice from those who know more, or have more experience. In the author’s situation, her mother knew the boarding school’s true colors by seeing the outcomes of those who went before as well as the outcomes of her older child’s experiences. When Zitkala arrives at the place of “big red apples”, the author is telling us she didn’t like it, cried a lot, and wanted to be back with her mother. In this way I believe the author continues to show that we always will reap the consequences that are a result of the decisions we make without heeding the warning signs given by those wiser and older than us. The author also mentions how she almost cried even before she arrived to the boarding school because everyone was starring at her, which tells us that she already regrets leaving her mother. Sometimes people think they know best when they really

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