Big Fish Vs October Sky

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Big Fish and October Sky have many common senses in their stories. The most intriguing theme was relationship of father and son, and they lived a small town. Living in this relationship and condition, I could realize what is the real love in my mind and how do I live to find my dream. Also how could I live with my family in this society. Two main characters, Edward and Homer, had a dream for their future and had love their father; actually, Big Fish showed William's mind. I also have my dream. Through these two men stories, I could remind my vision and know how could I live having lovely mind. Comparing these two stories, the most interesting is that two boys do not know stopping their dream even their bad environment. Edward in Big Fish was born small town with special conditions. The weather was not normal. The cloud with a little wind get bigger and bigger, and turned huge, churning strikes of white light within it and suddenly breaking and burning the tops of trees. Ashland was a small town. Edward's childhood in this town influenced his achievements. During his growing time, he read whole books in his town's library. This was foundation of his smart and adventure mind. There were really unique people in his town. “Karl, the Giant who lived on Ashland, was as tall as any two men, as wide as any three, and as strong as any ten.”(Wallace 29) As Edward tamed this Giant Karl, Karl became the biggest farmer in Ashland, but Edward 's myth became even bigger. And finally, Ashland decided to let him go because not only town, but also Edward wanted live much bigger world than Ashland. Even he and his parents already known that they might never see each other again, but they must have to do. For his great adventure. Troubling with his father, Will always dissatisfied father's lie. However every people who listen father's story like father's character.

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