Comparative Literary Analysis Essay

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Comparative Literary Analysis Essay ENGL 108 (SD80) “Man is born free and everywhere he is in chains”. This quote said by a French philosopher named Jean-Jacques Rousseau describes the background of two characters in different situations. In a short story named “ A Good Man is Hard to Find” a man that calls himself The Misfit is a criminal that escaped from the Federal Pen. He is feared by many people in the towns around him and has a background that justifies his own actions in his eyes. Although he may not understand what happened in his past, he feels he is chained to it and that his life is already set for him. Throughout the story The Misfit behaves in ways that show he doesn’t want to live the life he has, but he feels obligated to fill in the gaps that his past has created. The Misfit is very similar to the father in a short called “The Boat”. The father works extremely hard on a boat in the harbor to support his family. He has a son that helps him, daughters that help around the house and a very old-fashioned wife that disapproves of many things that make him happy. The father works to his fullest day after day, but throughout the story he does many things that shows that he wishes he lived a different life. He is chained down to the harbor and feels that there is no escape to live how he wants and that his life is set for him as well. Both, The Misfit and the father, struggle to live their lives the way they think they have to. Even though they have many chances to release the chains that hold them down they experience psychological pressures that trick them into say “yes” to their current lifestyle. Social psychology has determined the basic principles that govern getting to “yes”. In an article called “The Science of Persuasion” Robert Cialdini talks about three tactics that help govern our business dealings, societal involvements and our personal
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