Big Fish Theme "Determination" Essay

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A person’s accomplishments are reflective of their determination to succeed. In the film Big Fish, directed by Tim Burton, this is demonstrated by the main character, Edward Bloom. Edward is a very persistent person who is willing to do anything to achieve what he sets for himself. Throughout the film, Edward’s determination to strive is shown to the viewer through the use of mise-en-scene, camera montage and dialogue. Burton uses these techniques not only to portray Edward’s unshakable manner, but also to tell the viewers that with enough perseverance, anything can be achieved. Mise-en-scene, specifically costume, is used to demonstrate the idea of Edward’s persistence leading him to success. When Edward is on his journey to discover a place that is “big enough for his own ambitions”, we notice that he is always wearing something red. Red is a very powerful colour that symbolises strong emotions, it can be thought of as blood and strength. This can relate to determination because it means the strong will to carry on despite having barriers. By contrast, during his journey he arrives at the town of Spectre, a pastel coloured town. All the buildings are quite pale and the townspeople wear light shaded colours. Pale colours usually symbolise cleanness and purity. The costumes reflect on the personalities of the individuals. For example, Edward is driven and persistent, sometimes even stubborn; whereas the people of Spectre are of a pastel-coloured nature, meaning that they are naïve and secluded, closing themselves from the tainted reality. Edward is adamant on leaving Spectre because unlike those people, he wants to explore and find a place where he can strive and bloom. As Edward continues to thrive and accomplish after leaving Spectre, the viewer can see that Spectre crumbles from the pressure of the outside world. Burton uses the colours of the costumes to

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