Bibl 104 Week 2 Religion Essay

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Week 2 Writing Assignment Religion is probably one of the most powerful and influential faiths in the world. Religion has a history that dates back to the most ancient of times, therefore it holds the most influence on our world today. Abraham was the first man to spread religion and it was said he was given a mission by God himself. Many thousands of years later, the Virgin Mary gave life to Jesus Christ. Today, the Virgin Mary is seen as the mother of all. She is repeated in Christians’ prayers everyday, her portrait is displayed all over the church and there are statues of her all over the world. One can say that the Virgin Mary is a symbol of faith, knowing that she gave life to Jesus Christ, our savior. In this article, a pizza pan was seen being washed by the cafeteria staff. After a few attempts the worker realized that the stain was not being cleaned and began to pay a bit more attention to it. After another attempt the staff worker looked closely to the pan and realized it almost exactly resembled a silhouette of the Virgin Mary. This incident is a prime example of a religious symbol being brought to life by some kind of miracle, at least in the believer’s eyes. The pan was passed…show more content…
Coming from somebody who has somewhat of a strong faith in any religion, this is seen as a miracle and God has bestowed a blessing on his people. It all depends on the mindset of the person and how they see the world. Obviously, the world is run by religious beliefs and it controls the lives 99% of the people that live today. Personally, I would probably also believe that this is a religious miracle and it is a symbol bestowed onto us by God himself. I’m a Roman Catholic and have studied religion for some of my college time and things like this aren’t just passed by for somebody who cares about their
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