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Bessie Coleman was born to Susan and George Coleman on January 26, 1892 in Atlanta, Texas. Bessie was the tenth child to be born into the family. She would eventually have twelve brothers and sisters. Bessie often faced racial issues, and her family heritage made it difficult for her to be accepted. Her parents were of Cherokee Indian and African American decent. They worked long hours as sharecroppers on a farm. Early on in her childhood, her father moved the family to Waxahachie, Texas, where she and her siblings picked cotton and did laundry. After facing many difficulties with segregation and racial violence, the family again moved to Oklahoma. However, Bessie and several of her sisters stayed behind in Texas. Bessie was very adamant about getting an education. Though she did not always attend school, she did borrow books from the library in order to learn. Eventually she learned enough on her own to graduate from high school. After high school Bessie went on to study at the Colored Agricultural and Normal University, which is now Langston University, in Langston, Oklahoma. Because she could not afford it, Bessie only attended college for one semester. Furthering her education, Bessie went on to attend a beauty school in Chicago, where she was living at the time. Upon finishing beauty school she got a job as a manicurist in local barbershop. Bessie first got interested in aviation after reading about in the newspaper and seeing a newsreel about flight. The real reason behind her decision to become a pilot was her brother John’s incessant teasing. He told her that flying was something that she would never be able to do. Hearing that from him was the final push Bessie needed to start pursuing her pilot’s license. Bessie started putting in applications to flight schools all over the country in hopes of getting accepted to one. However,

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