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Rosa was born on February 4th, 1913 in Tuskegee, Alabama. Her father, James McCauley was a carpenter and her mother, Leona Edwards, was a teacher. Growing up she was sick most of the time and was a small child. Eventually her mother and father separated. Her mother took her and her brother to live in Pine Level, a town near Montgomery. For the rest of her childhood, Rosa lived on her grandparents’ farm. Rosa was homeschooled until she was eleven. She then attended public school, she went to the Industrial School for Girls in Montgomery. She later went back to school to get her second education but wasn’t able to finish. She had to drop out to help take care of her sick grandmother. Rosa’s whole childhood was influenced by segregation of everything;…show more content…
About 62 years after Rosa Parks set off the Montgomery bus boycott, race still divides the population. Rosa’s bus boycott lasted for 381 days and had a successful and everlasting impact on the world. Rosa strived for a goal that is still trying to be achieved today. In 2005, Rosa Parks died from natural causes. Her life and many deeds tell us about her strategic skills, intelligence, determination, passion and devotion that she inspired us all to find within ourselves. When she was diagnosed with progressive dementia and died the next year, all city buses in Montgomery and Detroit, reserved the front three rows with black ribbon to honor her and they were left there until Rosa was laid to her final resting place. Four days after she died she was flown back to Montgomery where she was lead out of the church by a horse drawn hearse. Later that same day her body was taken to Washington D.C. where, a bus similar to the one that helped her make her stand, took her to the capital. On November 2, 2005, her funeral was held in a church in Detroit and she was taken to the cemetery by a horse drawn hearse. The service was seven hours long and thousands of people showed up holding white balloons and as her hearse passed by them they let go of the balloons. In honor of her death all flags were ordered to be flown at half mast. As the world mourned of losing a legendary human in history they

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