Berenstain Bears and the Truth

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The Berenstain Bears and the Truth Written and Illustrated by Stan and Jan Berenstain This book tells the story of the Berenstain Bear family on a normal, boring day at their house in the country. Brother and Sister Bear are left home alone and get into an argument about what to do. They decide to have a soccer ball dribbling contest in the house, which they know is against the rules! While they are dribbling the ball, they lose control of it and knock over Mama Bear’s favorite lamp. When Mama Bear is returning home from the store, Brother Bear hides the soccer ball so she cannot see it. When Mama Bear asks Brother and Sister what happened to her favorite lamp, they lie to her and tell her a bird broke it. Eventually, Brother and Sister confess to breaking the lamp. The lesson that they learn is that the truth always comes out of a lie. Morally, Brother and Sister Bear knew that playing soccer in the house was bad. They also knew that it was wrong to lie. They morally felt bad about lying to Mama Bear. The moral action was to apologize because they knew they were wrong and to tell Mama Bear they would not lie anymore. There were two issues that the Bears had to struggle with – following rules and telling the truth. As soon as Mama Bear pulled into the driveway of their home, there was immediate tension because the Bears knew they had done wrong and were getting ready to face Mama. This book is an excellent book to use in the classroom to teach students about following the rules and the consequences that follow when you do not. It is also great for teaching students that the truth will always come out of a lie. I believe it would be a great idea to have students break into groups and have each group create a play based on this story. Instead of having them act out what happened in the book, they can act out what should have happened. This will
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