Character Traits Of Beowulf

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Alas! The greatest leader of the Geats was finally defeated. I give to you, Beowulf; protector of the weak, envy of men and slayer of monsters. This is not a man, but a hero who lived his life in glory. Strong, noble, daring, loyal, courageous, confident; these are all traits that Beowulf, The Beowulf, possessed and used to command everything about him. Beowulf, he who is Evil's bane has perished now, but no! Don't dwell on those sorrows and instead look to his achievements! His purging of the Dane's kingdom of the terrible Grendel and his mother – all with his bare hands and skills, “Venturing closer, [Grendel’s] talon was raised to attack Beowulf, where he lay on the bed; he was bearing in with open claw when the alert hero's comeback and armlock forestalled him…show more content…
Now his name shall echo through the halls of eternity, angels from heaven shall bow at his very presence in heaven! Beowulf was a man – no, a savior sent from God – that wasn't afraid to go straight into battle with the odds against him. He would face his foes with power and destructive rage, but with his people he showed kindness and compassion. He was an honorable man that was a great king for fifty years and he brought us riches and prosperity. No person can ever surpass his greatness for Beowulf expected nothing in return but fame and reverence, aspects he certainly deserved. Any of whom who come to mourn, know this; Beowulf did not die for nothing, he died protecting his people, that alone is something to respect him for. “Thus Beowulf bore himself with valour; he was formidable in battle yet behaved with honour and took no advantage.” (2177-2179) Beowulf is not just good at fighting – he's also morally good. He doesn't take undue advantage of his enemies or his friends. But that's almost an afterthought; it's much less important to the storyteller than his prowess in

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