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Beowulf Argument: Hero Without Faults? There are many extraordinary people some great heroes and some everyday people like you and I. No matter how extraordinary there is still imperfection and fault among these special individuals. For example in the epic Beowulf written during the Anglo-Saxon time period the renowned hero Beowulf is the greatest warrior to ever walk the face of the Earth. To the people he is an almighty force that can’t be stopped and he appears perfect in everyway. However he is not without fault as many may think as a matter a fact two of his biggest faults may be quite common. Even with all his strength and power he still could not escape the grasps of pride and greed. Clearly mentioned multiple times in the epic is how strong and unbeatable Beowulf is. Though this is true throughout the epic he does let it kind of go to his head in a sense. He had an extreme sense of self pride never wanting to lose or show weakness to anyone or anything. Anytime he was faced with a challenge he never hesitated or gave it a second thought. He almost seemed to seek out trouble just to put his invincibility on display. As I read over the epic I can’t remember there being an instance where something…show more content…
He put his life on the line for the people but not just for the people some for his own selfish reasons as described above. His pride would not let him back down from a challenge or waiver in any sort of battle/competition. His greedy ways sent him on a course headed for destruction since he had an insatiable appetite for fame and glory. All together Beowulf was a great guy that did what he could for the people that praised him. He had faults just like everyone else because nobody is perfect. As he got older his body could no longer complete the task he would ask it to do. This led to a welcomed and regretless death for the magnificent warrior called

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