Benefits of Weight Training

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Benefits of Weight Training in Today’s Society Today’s society and possibly always people have had an obsession with body image. Ironically the American population is in an epidemic due to obesity rates and poor health related to diet and exercise. One simple solution to this problem along with proper diet and exercise is resistance or weight training. Not only is this an answer to our obesity problem, it also benefits our society in a voluminous number of ways. In an unfeasible attempt I will try to cover the extraordinary number of benefits of weight training within this paper. Weight training or also known as resistance or strength training is defined as “involving the voluntary activation of specific skeletal muscles against some form of external resistance, which is provided by body mass, free weights, or a variety of exercise modalities” (Winett et al, 2001). Weight training is effective for developing fitness, health, and for the prevention of disease and injury. Don’t take it from just me it is promoted by major health organizations for example American College of sports Medicine, American Heart Association, American Association of Cardiovascular and Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation, and Surgeon General’s Office. Benefits have been found so vital in recent years that these major health organizations have set guidelines for all people from healthy adults to someone who lives a sedentary life style or even elderly. “Current research indicates that for healthy persons of all ages and many patients with chronic diseases, single set programs of up to 15 repetitions performed a minimum of 2 days a week are recommended; and each workout should consist of 8-10 different exercises that train the major muscle groups”(Feigenbaum 1999). The goal of this program and most weight training programs is to maintain muscle mass, endurance, and strength to contribute

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