Benefits Of Using Information System Essay

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Background The inconsistency of record keeping, meeting the regulations of the Care Quality Commission and legislation has been a problem in the past. The management of staff at the different levels of ability has contributed to the difficulty of maintaining the same quality of standards for each home. With implementation of Care-special Management Information System this will alleviate these issues and improve uniformity. To attain our goal, the consultancy team has been requested to purchase a suitable information system for Somershire Care Homes. The new Information System: Care-special aims to improve communication, staff support; ensure accurate record keeping and an improved care for Residents throughout the 25 locations. What the consultancy team wish to do To achieve the Organisations need of consistency, security of Clients, improve record keeping, compliance with the Care Quality Commission and promoting effective management by the Management Team, by installing a new fully integrated Management Information System to improve communication throughout the 25 locations. To ensure effective communication within all the Somershires Care Homes, an approach to education and training of staff is vital towards the success of the implementation of the system with its 25 locations. SWOT ANALYSIS Strengths | Weaknesses | High Quality Care and Appropriate Facilities designed for specific purpose for both residents and staff – to ensure comfort, familiarity, quality of life and an safe environment. | Competition/Technology As technology develops so does efficiency and sustainability in both the physical world and economic infrastructure – eg. Computers, laptops , mobiles, fax, emailing , there is a constant and immediate need in society for upgrading therefore current systems that are being used and implemented now may be thrown out for

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