Belonging in Chapter One of Romulus My Father

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Belonging chapter 1 Romulus My Father explores a consistent portrayal of belonging for the entirety of the first chapter. Belonging is conveyed in 2 main forms, that being the father’s emotions and adversity and the socio economic classes. All these aspects combined fulfil an understanding of how important belonging is for an individual and what it means for one to belong in society. Although it is characterised primarily through the father Romulus, it foreshadows the messages of belonging for the rest of the novel and highlights the significance of how it affects one’s morals and life. Emotions and adversity is firstly linked to belonging and the hardships associated with it from the beginning of the chapter. Raimond creates this sense of hardship to show the difficulties of life and how it is bestowed upon an individual. This idea illustrates how a persona will be in a situation whether they like it or not. Adversity is mainly introduced in the first sentence where Romulus stands “with a pitchfork held tightly in both hands, knowing that he would probably kill his uncle.” The sentence exemplifies the hard decisions Romulus belongs to and foreshadows what his life will entail; a life of hardships and adversity. This is again relevant in the chapter with the description to find work is affiliated with his hardships. His search for work at such a young age highlights his struggles, but also creates the atmosphere of his working attitude. This attitude relates to his escapism he finds from work, which creeps into the novel during his time of depressions throughout the duration of the novel. Romulus belongs to work as it gives him solice. His belonging to adversity is also shown through his dysfunctional family where he is associated with minimum family affiliations. “he fled, he stayed with his mother, with whom he lived occasionally.” Furthermore, religious

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