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Plot 7.)Summarize the plot by using at least 50 words, but no more than 1/2 page. The book Angela's Ashes is about a memoir of a man named Frank McCourt. He lived in Ireland, and suffer from the cruelty of poverty. In here, he struggle for his survival and encountered a lot of problem that made him who he was. He learn to be responsible at a very young age, that guides him to achieve his goals in life. 8.)Did you care about the characters in the book? Did you find their personalities and relationships real? At first, I did not really care about the character on the book, but when I got in the middle part,I started to be drawn in to the story, and start caring about what is really happening in their life.They also change in personality that made me think that their personality and relationship are real. 9.)Did you find the ending satisying? Explain why or why not. For me, I find the ending not satisying because at the end, he only goes to America they did not put on the book if he becomes successful or not.They also did not state weather his family live a better life or still remain in poverty. They did not also show what happen to his dad when he left. That is why I am not well satisfied to it. 10.) Is the author tring to convey a message or theme? Is the purpose of the story merely to entertain? Explain. The author tries to convey a theme which is about poverty and hunger. The purpose of the story is not to entertain, but to teach good values that we can apply in our daly life like being responsible, being man of God, being careful in choices we made and a lot more because in the book you will see a lot of the struggle that the main character faces and what he learn, lose, and gain from them. 11.)Do you think the title fits the book? Why or why not? In my perpective, the title doesn't fit from the book. It is because the title is

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