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[pic] BEHAVIOR SUPPORT PLAN Name: Muhammed Yaseer DOB: 1/29/2000 Address: 965 Worchester Pl Report Date: 11/29/2013 Liburn GA 30047 End Date: 11/29/2013 Provider: (GCSS) Homes Offering Support and Training (HOST): LC Clinical Therapist: Nicola DuVernay, Clinical Therapist/MSW, BS, BSW, ABA-Behavioral Therapist ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Diagnosis: Autism Medications: Risperdal, Seroquel, Depakote ER, Trileptal Target Maladaptive Behaviors: • Elopement, Physical Aggression Observation: Muhammed is an active younger Indian male who resides in…show more content…
Replacement/Positive behavior teaching 1) Create a daily printed schedule which is accessible to Muhammed at all times: • Provide praise every time he refers to the schedule, ask about it, or completes a task associated with it • Create a daily, weekly or monthly schedule using a calendar that is big enough to see and is accessible. • With Muhammed choose activities, outings, and daily work task that he would like to participate in and complete the schedule. Include lunch time. • Post the schedule at the home. Have a copy in the car or with staff so it can be easily accessible. • Always prompt Muhammed to reference his schedule for daily activities or lunch. Do Not discuss activities or lunch time without referring him to the schedule • The schedule can include pictures to make communication easier. 2) Give Muhammed a lot of attention when he is behaving appropriately (provide Non Contingent Reinforcement) • Includes talking or signing appropriately, eating appropriately, engaging in positive activities, or doing what he is suppose to be

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