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Introduction – Elaine In this paper we will be discussing our marketing plan for Kohl’s Family Café. We will show the organizational overview, new product description, SWOTT analysis, marketing research, segmentation, differentiation and positioning, stage of the product life cycle, marketing mix, promotion, budget, and control/monitor. Also the appropriate place and the promotional marketing strategy will be explained in the development of the strategic marketing mix. A sales promotion schedule as well as a marketing plan will be incorporated. The public relation opportunities for the service will be shown. The importance of channel management decisions on the marketing of our service, distributive channels, and the costs…show more content…
They give back to the community in many ways with donations, resources, talent, and time. They support Kids Health, Education, environmental solutions, and the fight against breast cancer. The way Kohl’s sees it, giving back also means looking ahead (Kohl’s, 2013). Their employees volunteer in the community whenever they can and a support the Kids Health and Education program, finding environmental solutions, and going to local cancer centers to put a smile on a patient’s face. The sheer volume of employees who volunteer allow Kohl’s helping a vast number of people. Kohl’s stores have an uplifting environment. Their stores are clean and bright, which gives the customer a happy shopping experience. Kohl’s makes a commitment to offering the best merchandise at the best price. The products are always available and are easy to find. The employees receive the best training in customer service skills. When a customer is looking for a certain product, they do not have to look far for a sales associate. There are several associates in each department to ensure that customers always receive help. The Market Segmentation for Kohl’s Family Cafe Geographic Segmentation City or metro size: The size of each café will vary as Kohl’s has more than 1,100…show more content…
Families with children, as well as individuals without, can have a relaxing moment in The Family Café as they enjoy a bite to eat and take a rest from their shopping. It will be a better shopping experience as the consumer will not have to hurry and shop then go somewhere else to get something to eat. They will be able to replenish themselves at The Family Café and resume their shopping quickly and easily, without having to leave the store. The Family Café will have a twofold purpose: one, to keep the customers in the store so they will shop more and two, to gain revenue in both the store itself and the café. Stages of the Product Life Cycle The product life cycle describes the stages a new product idea goes through. The product life cycle is divided into four major stages: (1) market introduction, (2) market growth, (3) market maturity and (4) sales decline (Perreault, Cannon, & McCarthy, 2011). This is the pace which The Family Café will move through the product life cycle: • Market introduction: The market introduction will be a little slow until customers are aware Kohl’s Department Store has The Family Café. Customers will be Kohl’s biggest advertising, but Kohl’s will add the opening of the café to television commercials, newspaper ads, and send announcement emails. There will also be signs and advertisements in-store

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