Beauty And The Beast And Frankenstein Comparison Essay

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Monster and Beast This paper will compare the themes of the novel Frankenstein, a book written by Mary Shelley which was published anonymously in 1818 with Disney’s 1991 animated film, Beauty and the Beast, a musical by Alan Menken and Howard Ashman. The novel and the film both have remarkable similarities and connection in terms of the characters, settings and symbols used. The novel starts with Victor Frankenstein’s meddling with the natural set of things including death. In Frankenstein’s intelligent but obsessive mind, he reanimates a creature only to realize his mistakes and in the end makes him miserable. In the film, the beast’s story begins with an old woman begging for shelter from the cold on a castle owned by a heartless prince. And because of his cruelty, he sends the old woman away who turns out to be a powerful fairy. The fairy casts a spell into the castle turning the prince into a terrible beast. The settings of both the novel and the film have both scenes that depict the forest. In the novel, the forest to the creature is his source of knowledge as he goes his way discovering new ideas on his innocent but keen mind. It is also his source of food and his dwelling when he needs to rest away from the cruelty of humans. Whereas, in the film…show more content…
Anthony Synott a professor of sociology at Concordia University in Montreal says, “[There’s] no reason for us to think that beautiful people are actually good and ugly people evil, yet we do” (qtd. in Kershaw). Prejudice towards appearance is a theme that runs significantly on the film and the novel. Another theme is social acceptance. The creature in Frankenstein never has the chance to connect with humanity. The beast however, is given a chance by the character Belle who accepts and loves him. Thus, societal acceptance becomes a powerful factor for both the creature and the beast to their outcome as
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