Beach Time Essay

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Beach Time! On a small island in North Carolina is a beach named Kitty Hawk, one of the most peaceful beaches around. Many travelers come here throughout the summer and seem very pleased with their experience. From Brandywine, West Virginia to Kitty Hawk, North Carolina it is around a six hour trip; the long agonizing drive down is defiantly worth the wait. The roads are usually jammed packed with cars going in the same direction. The line of vehicles is so long you can’t see the end either way. On a six lane highway cars are coming and going, keeping the stop lights running constantly. Beach front road is paved with cracks in it from age, when you drive over it, it is really bumpy. The roads do not have many curves, so I guess you could say the roads are as straight as a board. As the warm ocean water crashes up against the beach, you are sitting on the beach building the biggest sand castle that you could think of. As time is ticking by, you hardly notice that you are finishing up your sand castle. Everyone is standing around taking pictures of the biggest sand castle they ever saw. If you would ask someone how big it was, they would start describing it from the bottom working their way up. The sand was packed in hard at the base of the castle. Then at the next level, there was a drawbridge that was supposed to lead into the castle with water running under the door. At the second to last level, there are little windows, and around the windows there are very colorful, interesting seashells all around it. At the top level, there are three windows and a flag on the very top. The beach can be a very relaxing place. As you work your way over the dome you can hear the ocean waves crashing on the beach. As the wind glides over the water and hits you in the face, you can smell the salt from the ocean. As you walk across the hot, golden sand, down to the water, you

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