Cronulla Coastal Environment Essay

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Outline how the 4 spheres interact at Cronulla to create this coastal environment. Examine how people have impacted on these processes and evaluate the effectiveness of the management of the area. Cronulla is located 20km south of the Sydney CBD. It reaches from the Kurnell peninsula in the north to Port Hacking and the Royal National Park in the south. Cronulla consists of a built environment and a biophysical environment. The biophysical includes four inter-connected “geo-spheres” known as the lithosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere and the atmosphere. The four spheres interact to form Cronulla’s coastal environment. The hydrosphere, which is composed of all the water on or near the Cronulla coastline combines with atmospheric conditions…show more content…
As a result 5 walls were erected to create a barrier against the waves. The walls were built at the back of the beach to deflect the waves out to sea. The highest edge of each wall is specially shaped to turn the wave back on itself. This management process at South Cronulla has been extremely successful and requires very little maintenance. At North Cronulla concrete footpaths were built on existing sand dunes. However, the natural process of sand erosion caused by the waves hitting the beach undermined the pathways and they started to collapse. To halt the erosion large river stones were placed underneath the length of the path to create a base on which interlocking honeycomb shaped bricks were concreted into place. A continuous sloping retainer wall was built that is approximately 330 metres long. The retainer wall has remained in place because it withstands the continual flow of water and wind erosion. However, maintenance is required on a regular basis to replace worn away bricks and broken concrete grout. The rock footings move with the motion of the sand and water and breakage of the footpath occurs. As a result sections of the footpath need to be replaced from time to time. Overall the repair process is effective in maintaining the pathways that humans

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