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Exam Question – Describe how physical and economic factors may have made one are that you have studied a crowded coast. (10 marks) The area I have studied is Bournemouth. Bournemouth is in Dorset, which is in the South of England. Many physical and economical factors have made Bournemouth a crowded coast. The main reason for Bournemouth being a crowded coast is a physical factor; of that it has a large sandy beach. This beach is seven miles long. It attracts people because it is sandy and it is large, so lots of people can go on the beach with enough space. It also has a warm climate. Dorset is the second sunniest place in the UK and its mild winters have few days with frost or snow. This attracts holidaymakers and people who want to move to a warm place. Also the high environmental quality makes people come because it is attractive and is only a few miles away from the UK’s first area of World Heritage Coat (Jurassic Coast). This attracts tourists and people who would like to see the attractive coastline, which follows on to the Jurassic Coast. The accessibility is also very good. Local urban amenities are easily available, and the area attracts commuters because it is less than two hours by train to London. It is linked to the world with its airport, which makes it easier to get to and from Bournemouth. It also has great road links, with A roads, such as the A35 and the A338 linking Bournemouth motorways, like the M27 and other A roads. Bournemouth has a pier, which is in the middle of the seven miles of beach. As well as stunning views across the bay, from the Isle of Wight on one side and the Purbeck hills on the other, Bournemouth Pier also has a wide variety of attractions, entertainments and retail outlets. It has Bournemouth Pier Theatre, Key West restaurant and other shops. House prices are lower than in most of the South-East, so this is very

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