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Have you ever had a dreadful time at Panama City Beach? I highly doubt it. Panama City Beach can be a very relaxing place to visit. Too bad there are so many things about the beach that make it a calming place to go. I went there for spring break in the year 2011. Being at the beach can be one of the greatest experiences of one’s life. The sounds of the beach can make you forget everyday life. Sights of Panama City can be very uplifting and wonderful. Other noticeable things are what you feel, smell and believe it or not taste. But all those things come together and make this beach the most wonderful place. There is not much to dislike at the beach, except maybe a bad case of sunburn and everyone hates bad sunburn. Going to the beach is like the first warm day after a long and frigid winter. Overall a trip to the beach can be a calming getaway from the stress and the everyday pressures of life. The many sounds of the beach can be quite calming. Being at Panama City Beach can make you forget about your home town or city. The beach can make you forget about your troubles you have at home with your love ones. Also the ocean is so beautiful and unforgettable. The sounds of the waves coming from the massive deep blue ocean and washing up on the shore of the white sand beach, or the sound of them crashing up against the sharp jagged rocks of the coast line are soothing. Something about the rhythmic timing of each wave causes a relaxing sensation and can almost put you into a deep sleep. The sleep would be hard to come out, not because it’s impossible but only because you wouldn’t want to. Although some individuals may find them extremely annoying I enjoy the sound of the sea gulls on the beach. From every sound the sea gulls make sounding like a harmonizing choir on a hot Sunday morning in June. Also the sound of a slight breeze rustling the leaves of

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