Beach Pollution Essay

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Beach pollution at third-highest level in 22 years The definition of Water Pollution is the loss of strength in water used for beneficial uses due to addition of a superfluous material that is harmful to humans, animals or aquatic life because of human activity. Water is used every day for many purposes that are beneficial to humans such as drinking, for watering livestock and the fertilization of crops. Other uses include industry, food production and recreational uses. As you can see, water is a huge resource for humans, animals, living and non-living organisms. The pollution is affecting everyone and everything, and needs to be stopped immediately. The article I am writing my paper on is about the effects water pollution has on our beaches. Our country has hundreds of public beaches that are visited for family recreation, relaxation and sports. California did a study and found that in 2011, there was an increase in closures and advisories on the beaches due to pollution. Our beaches today across the United States are being ruined and polluted by the drainage and sewage waste. This sewage can combine with the excess water from storms and put swimmers in risk of infection, diseases and sicknesses. No one should be punished from doing what they love. The Natural Resources Defense Council in California did a study and found that the amount of days American beaches were closed or warned with advisories due to the lack of clean or purified water was at their third-highest level in 22 years. While studying the water, the council also recorded a minor increase in beach closures and advisories in 2011 due to tests showing a surprising amount of bacteria. Noah Garrison, an attorney for The National Water Program spoke out and said, "We have an ongoing legacy of pollution at our beaches, and the problem is not going away… We need to be doing more to solve the

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