Oil Spill In Newfoundland Case Study

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Are We Doing Enough to Prevent Oil Spills in Newfoundland? Every year in Newfoundland, thousands of marine birds flock to the nutrient rich waters on the continental shelf just about 250 kilometres off the coast of Newfoundland. Currently, there are 3 oil rigs approximately 50 kilometres away from this feeding ground for thousands of birds and fish. This area is a key feeding ground for wildlife that come from both poles. This area is one of the densest concentrations of sea birds anywhere in the whole world. Even a small amount of oil can cause death in many of these animals because they can die from ingesting the toxic material, and lose their insulation when they are contaminated with oil. In 2004, two mechanical failures led to the loss…show more content…
I may not be a part of the government and probably wouldn’t be able to make a big difference in the way our province is run but I can help with creating a sustainable ocean in Newfoundland. Youth in Newfoundland and Labrador are the future. In order for youth in Newfoundland to be able to help create a sustainable marine life we have to all be educated about the issue at hand, which is what the Youth and Oceans Conference allows to happen. In order for people to solve the problem, they have to be educated. Education is key. Youth in Newfoundland can form a group to protest against oil drilling outside of Newfoundland, and voice their opinions about the issue. Thousands of marine lives are killed every year because of negligence of oil…show more content…
As youth we need to help as best we can in creating our ocean more sustainable. Many people are unaware of what is happening on our oil rigs, we need to make sure everyone is educated on what is going on and make sure that everyone is trying to make the ocean more sustainable. Oil spills are very dangerous to marine life; we need to make sure we do everything to protect it. Many people rely on Newfoundland waters for fish to eat, and to make a living. Contaminating these waters will not only harm the wildlife, but it will kill a source of food that is so dominant in Newfoundland, and also will harm hundreds of people’s jobs. Oil spills cause a lot of problems in our ocean and to our marine life. Everywhere you look people are trying to create a more sustainable ocean, and this is hard to do when there is so much pollution and threats to our environment all around us. We, as youth need to step up and try to make a change and help to make our province a better place. We can help thousands of animals survive by taking action against oil drilling in our

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