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Bayfield Mud Company Case Study

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Bayfield Mud Company case study

1. What is your Analysis of the bag-weight problem?
Refer to the case, Quality control analysis for this case will be conducted via X-charts and R-charts.
X-charts is to control the central tendency of the process, for this case we refer to the weight of 50-pound bags of treating agents
R-charts is to control the dispersion of the process, for this case we refer to the range of weigh or difference between maximum weight and minimum weight of the bag.
From the analysis of problems, based on the calculations taken from all three shifts over three days, we can see that the average weights, ranges, upper and lower limits have been out of control.

2. What procedures would your recommend to maintain proper quality control ?
In order to maintain proper quality control , here below is our recommendations;
As we know from the case that the added night shift was staffed by all new employees, and they focus only on increasing outputs to meet ever-increasing demand. So the first thing is we recommend Bayfield Mud company to educate all staff to take consistent quality of production as the most important thing as the quantity. High output with high quality should come together.   Then the company should arrange technical and operation training more frequently to help ensure the staffs operate efficiently. Instead of putting only new staffs on night shift, experienced staffs should be mixed among them in order to help smooth operation in all three shifts. Also we recommend setting up monitoring process by most experienced foremen to review and control the quality of product during production. In addition, company should offer extra incentives for any staffs who can produce every products within control limit of standard weight of bags- 50 pounds. This can be considered as another way to reflect staff's performance.   It’s significant that all employees should understand what happens to...

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