Batch Flow of Ebags Process Essay

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eBAGS currently uses a batch process flow. The batch process “is characterized by production in batches or lots” (Schroeder, Goldstein, & Rungtusanatham, 2013). The market type is custom. Most customers are already set in their minds what they are looking for and eBAGS deals with manufacturers that offer small quantities of products for custom orders. Any type of bag the consumer is looking for can be found at eBAGS. The manufacturers that are partnered with eBAGS have high inventory, which eBAGS can retrieve from based on orders placed. The volume of purchase is medium to low with consumers purchasing for personal use. The skill of the labor is high. This is needed in order to understand the order that is placed by the customer, contacting vendors, monitoring shipping from the vendor, shipping account for accuracy, billing the customer at the end of the service, and ensuring the vendor is paid for the product they shipped to the eBAGS customer. The task type is non-routine as each order is different. The online system is general-purpose equipment as it is used to order, track, and return items. If eBAGS wants to expand its products to footwear, they need to continue the batch flow process since it has been such as success for the company. They will need to use their strengths in marketing and merchandising and provide one stop shopping for the consumers. Everything about the footwear market is similar to the luggage market. The challenge will include the fact that shoes need to be tried on by the customers and if customers are afraid they will not be satisfied with the shoe they would order multiple pairs and return the ones they do not like. I believe marketing will be a critical aspect, as the business name does not invite shoe shoppers or market the product. Reference: Schroeder, R. Goldstein, S. (2013). Operations Management: Contemporary Concepts

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