Basic Criminal Justice System Essay

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Basic System of Criminal Justice System This week we began to learn the basics of the criminal justice system. Which by definition is a system that provides solutions to the crime problem and helps shape the direction of crime policy. The criminal justice system protects the people, keeps things going in an orderly fashion, makes sure that the people are following the law, most importantly prosecutes the people who decide to break the law and keep the people safe. On a very basic level there are three essential parts of the criminal justice system: law enforcement, the court system and corrections. Law enforcement finds and investigates the crimes, such as police officers, detectives, investigators, dispatchers and duty officers. Once one of these special teams finds a crime the officers’ investigate, write reports and collect evidence to develop probable cause. Once this process has sufficiently been completed and there is sufficient evidence to show a person has committed the crime he or she is arrested and brought to the court system for a trial. With this trial comes there judgment and whether or not they will be going away for a long time. Next comes the court system which is where the arrested person comes to stand there trial. In the court system you will find prosecutors, state or district attorneys, paralegals, forensic psychologists, bailiffs, legal secretaries, judges, process servers and jury consultants. This is where the evidence will be viewed and he or she has to confront their accusers. During this process the person who was arrested is the defendant in the trial. Court can take some time until it comes to the trial, while most are free to go about their business until the trial some have to be held in jail while they wait for their trial to begin. These people are considered flight risks or dangerous to the public. The defendant has many

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