Barriers to Learning Essay

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Barriers to Successful On-line Learning Making the decision to return to school was not an easy task and can be quite overwhelming. Being from the era of typewriters and having to spend hours in a library with dictionaries, microfilm, newspapers, and reading thousands of books, I wavered at the thought of returning to school. The on-line option seemed more advantageous and useful, yet humans are social creatures. Curiosity concerning threaded discussions for human contact has come into thought. I wasn’t sure if threaded discussions would be enough interaction for me. We all want to feel included and enjoy student collaboration. This is the biggest barrier that I faced when returning to school on-line. “The students themselves have the final say in what happens in the discussions”(Kramer, 2007, p. 105). Basically, threaded discussions are the classroom, and the students are engaged in the subject matter and interacting via the computer. Dedication, time management, and uncertainty of expectations are other barriers. “The amount of effort involved in returning to school cannot be overemphasized when discussing potential barriers to education” (Morgenthaler, 2009, p. 335). A couple of the recognized obstacles are scheduling enough time, dedication towards studying and learning new material. Failing to manage distractions can cost as much as two hours a day with emails, IM chats, social media, and answering phone calls from friends or family (Kramer, 2007). That doesn’t include daily activities of cooking, dishes, laundry, and children. Gaining control, managing disruptions, and minimizing interruptions effectively can improve focus on new learning (Kramer, 2007). I’m gaining control by setting specific goals and keeping to a schedule that will help ensure the completion of these goals. All in all, on-line learning is possible and attainable. Stay focused,
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