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Joseph Reyes 2/11/09 English 101 Prof. Perkins Working while in College Attending college can be a rigorous process for a lot of people. Some might even consider college to be a job within itself. To some simply attending college though, is not good enough. You work hard to acquire good grades, and stress yourself while studying. You get an idea of time management because of the consequences you face for being tardy to class and knowing that being late several times could be considered an absence and affect your final grade. And even though college is difficult to do on its own, some people choose to work while attending school. Working while in college usually means more responsibility but also more means of supporting yourself and making yourself happy. While working a full time job you get to learn and experience different aspects of life, whether it be on your commute, at work or your social life, however, it can limit you in other areas. Having a part time job gives you more freedom but also limits your income, and therefore, limiting your standard of living and may even end up affecting your quality of life. Working, (whether it be part time or full time) can cause a lot of stress, but if tackled early on in your career you can learn stress management techniques that may help you cope with school and others parts of your life. However, working while in school overall; can be both beneficial and detrimental to your academic and job success. Working while in college can be beneficial to just about anyone. It allows you to gain valuable knowledge and experience that you would not learn in school. Time management takes on a whole different perspective and you learn to manage your time more efficiently as you get paid for the time you work and not for the time you miss. Working while in college can help further improve your

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