Bap26 Principles of Maintaining Stationery Stock?

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BAP26 Principles of maintaining stationery stock? 1.1. Explain the purpose of making sure stationery stock is maintained and controlled? If you haven't got enough stock in you could end up missing deadlines and just wasting time for yourself and other members of staff, could even lose money by not having enough stock. You need to make sure stationery is controlled because you could have someone using far too much because they are taking stuff home for themselves, but you have to make sure if there's things out of date that you don't use. You need to make sure that you have manual handling regulations on show and noticed. 1.2. Describe factors that may affect the future level of demand for stationery stock? If there are any projects going on and there will be an increase on paper used etc. If you have a batch of headed paper and you change your company name you have to make sure you have everything right. The company you buy your stock from could possibly have low stock or prices rise, or even go out of business, different technology. You also have to look at the regulations and you are providing proper standards. 1.3. Explain the purpose of making sure value for money is obtained when ordering stock? When you are buying in stock take in to factor how much you need and the batch sizes they do or any deals and work out which is better for your company. Whether the stock is easily broken or damaged, making your time wasted, if they have good quality performance. 2.1. Describe how to order, receive, store and dispose of stationery items? How to order: You can order products many ways, you can order online which you click what you would like and you have the price in front of you and how many you are buying. You can also call the company up and tell them what order you would like to place, and get confirmation on the price and make
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