Unit 9 P2 Business Essay

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In this task I was asked to tell Shafal the importance of cost, revenue and profits are all important to running a business. In section b I was asked I was asked to give examples what would happen if the Shafal does not bring revenue and she doesn’t make profit. Profit means the amount left from sales revenue after deducting the cost of producing the goods and services. The importance of profit for Shafal is that this canhelp the business to expand byreinvesting the profits in to the business. If she makes profit she can invest in new equipment or machinery e.g. new baking oven. This can also benefit to be more motivated to work harder like taking new risk e.g. new types of cakes. Moreover the importance of profits to any business is that they need money to pay rents, insuranceand wages if the business makes no profit and more loss they may lose the shop because they cannot pay the rent. Also Shafal has six workers in her business so this means if Shafal doesn’t give the employees’ wages they may leave her business as well as take her to court. Most business has aims and objectives which are to make a profit so if any business doesn’t make profit they have not succeeded in their mission. Also importance of profit for a business…show more content…
The importance of revenue is that tells you how much money overall is coming into the business and subtracting the costs you can see what your overall profit is. An increase in revenue could also lead to more investments back into the business, for example by staff training, extending a department etc. A decrease in revenue will mean a decrease in profit, and probably having to cut budgets. If Shafal doesn’t cover her expensive her business shut down. The way revenue helps the business is a by money coming in from different areas such as rent. The way this helps the business is by bank giving them more loan because they are good money from
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