Band of Brothers

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Band Of Brothers,which is written by Stephen E. Ambrose talks about Easy Company, of the 506 Parachute Infantry Regiment of the 101st Airborne Division. Easy Company is now one of the best known companies of the United States Army as it played important contributions to World War II. Easy Company was made up of people of different parts of the country who had volunteered to be paratroopers. Now paratroopers at the time were still fairly new to the U.S and it held a great risk, but the idea of earning an extra 50 dollars made the men volunteer for it. Once they were enlisted they were sent to Camp Toccoa, where they completed basic training. It was at Camp Toccoa, where they came up with the company motto, Currahee (We Stand Alone Together) After they completed basic training they were sent to Fort Benning where they made their first jumps off the planes (C-47s). Later they were sent to Camp Mackall, and Fort Bragg where their training intensified. Then in the 1943, they were sent overseas to Aldbourne, England to prepare for the invasion of Europe. So after 22 months of preparation, the men from Easy Company boarded the C-47s and took off to Normandy to complete it first operation. They were to be dropped 10 miles from Ste. Mere-Eglise, where they were assigned to kill the German troops of the village and to seize the exit of causeway #2. Now this mission was really important since they needed the causeways to be secured as they were disrupting the forces of the U.S to advance inland. Now when Easy Company landed they got scattered all over the place. So with them not be at full strength they sent 13 men led by Lt. Richard D. Winters to attack the German battery. There they used speed and audacity to overcome the larger force they were up against. In the aftermath Lt. Winters and his men wiped out a fifty-man platoon of elite German paratroops, destroyed the

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