Bahrain: Shouting in the Dark

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Bahrain: Shouting in the Dark Response Paper By: Bahrain: Shouting in the Dark is a 2011 documentary film by Al-Jazeera about the events that took place in Bahrain in 2011, which many say was an offshoot of the Arab Spring revolts in Egypt and Tunisia. This short paper will review the events within the context of sociology and of how change can occur in society based off of local events. Many theories of social change point out to the fact that social change occurs because individuals no longer desire the current paradigm, and continue to search for a better paradigm (Giddens, 2013). In Bahrain, what had occurred was that many individuals were no longer content with the social and economic inequalities surrounding them. It is mentioned in the film that there are many foreign workers in Bahrain occupying positions that pay well. But that many indigenous Arabs in that nation are unemployed. They live in substandard homes and are denied basic services. There is also the atrocious story of a choice piece of land being developed as a high-end luxury area that was sold by the government to the Khalifa family for a single dinar. If the government does not take measures to quell these desires and the feelings of resentment aroused by these inequalities, then people will clamor for social change, and this is precisely what led to the uprisings in 2011. The show of force and the violence committed by the ruling Khalifa family against the Bahraini people all served to incite the people more, and to demonstrate more. Oppression did also lead to a desire for social change. The speech on the Salmaniyya hospital showed how the state controlled the media in order to present that the hospital was the site where Sunni doctors and nurses were being held hostage by their Shia counterparts. This was immediately repudiated by a Sunni lady physician at the hospital,

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